Mukadi is a womenswear brand born out of the desire to create unique, sustainable, and ethically conscious, first pieces that understands and celebrates the diverse, complex and ever changing facets of today's modern women. 



Mukadi combines as inspiration forms of beauty and chaos, a starting point to their uniquely distinct silhouettes and cuts. With this intention at the core and through their design, they are constantly evolving and adapting to the complexities of the changing world. They aim to give a slow breath to an industry that often disregards the state of the world by creating lasting pieces that adhere to a high level of production considering their impact on the environment. Each piece is carefully made in France, they make use of the finest quality materials sourced from local suppliers and local dead-stock suppliers.



Taking from the experiences we all share, they seek to connect and carve a narrative that represents individuality and inclusivity. Mukadi is worn today by freethinkers, those at the cutting edge of arts and culture, those who choose and create their own stories. Their work is the physical representation of this effort and the values they uphold.







MUKADI - For The Unconventional


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