We carefully source each fabric and trimming from local suppliers and local dead-stock suppliers, as using the finest quality materials that already exists allowing us to bring to life a new garment by using existing resources. Each sample piece is designed and developed by us keeping in mind, craftsmanship, technique and a high level sustainable production. We approach each design by thinking of its final stage and following a linear, precise, and efficient path. This enables us to create a piece using minimal resources, throughout its entire process.



Each piece is carefully made in France, we make use of the finest quality materials sourced from local suppliers and local dead-stock suppliers, ensuring we can deliver the best product to our customer. 



We use, and will aim continue to use, only packaging that are made from recycled, compostable, & biodegradable materials. Each piece arrives in either a carefully packaged recycled cardboard container, kraft mailer, or a biodegradable mailing bag made from starch based resin enclosed a sheet of recycled paper. 



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